Link your Discord account to WeMod and receive 500 WePoints!

You can now link your Discord account to WeMod! You will receive 500 WePoints or 1000 if you are Pro.

Pro members also gain access to a private channel!


@Chris where is this "private "channel located at ?? Chicks ? Nudity ?

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If you linked your account you should have been given access to the pro channel. If not send me a message on there.


Pardon me for being stupid but how would one do that exactly? I’m a bit new when it comes to Discord.

I’ve just found out how to do it. Sorry for being stupid.

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Your stupidity is excused :joy:

just kidding

Hi Chris, i have linked my account but didnt get access to the pro channel.:disappointed_relieved:

Have to click those 3 little lines top left of page it’s in there
Where it says general

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Thank you mine are now linked

If you didn’t gain access send me a message on Discord.

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