List of ALL Easter Eggs

Epic Win!

Lol the one cheater said is when you type in “Modded Warfare” in it, Horizon blinks a few times

I know one easter egg thats not here yet… i think

I remember when i put in cheater912 and the themes went all crazy ;p
Thanks for the eggs ;p

There is another way to say thanks

But on the other note, I have added the Title ID Finder Blinking easter egg and have given rightful credit where it is due. If there are anymore then feel free to post it below.

Thanks for the credit. :wink:
Also I think this thread deserves a sticky. :thumbsup:

You should add spoilers to make it neater. :smile:


Hey cheater can we have another hint :wink:

We already found it and I added it to the list. Some people are saying there are more but I doubt it. We have to wait until a dev states there are more.

But for now, we are loaded.

lol Theres more probs haha

im up for a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

It has already been find out.

Cheater… If you or any Devs have a new easter egg installed please inform us that it is there for us to find (:

I want more easter egss.

Nice post. I had originally found the About Easter Egg a long while back. Lets just say i was real bored. lol

Nice post indeed. Will show some people were they are.
I knew about some of them, but not all.
Keep posting more if anymore are found or made.
Again, nice post.

Next update will have a few more. Little harder to find. People from other sites will most likely find it :wink:

Type in JD_2020 in the gamercard viewer. Nice surprise there!

Or high…