List of free game trainers?

Hello frandz! I am me! lol. Im dumb but I had an idea that might be cool. If these here awesome people would make a list of games that have trainers that are free! I love using infinity and lately have used it more and more to get the most out of my gaming exp. I used to play Fallout Shelter a ton and did you know that it has a trainer AND its FREE!!?? That makes it even better!! its a game thats free that you can just screw around on and play to the fullest without waiting those ridiculous times for things to be done. If we had a list of games that are free that also have trainers I think that the app would get a ton more use than just that of those silly PAID FOR games. You know what im sayin?

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We appreciate the feedback. There are only 2 or 3 free to play games in Infinity currently so making another category would just increase clutter.


which games are those ?

the free ones

With over 1000 games there is no way I could tell you which games are free anymore.

The problem is that the majority of free-to-play games, I’d say roughly 98% of them, are multiplayer, co-op or MMO. Which means no trainer will ever be made for them here at WeMod. (Also bear in mind that “free to play” is sometimes just another way of saying “pay to win”).

At the moment I can only recall two free-to-play games that have trainers - Fallout Shelter and Crusader Kings II. There are probably a couple more, but you’ll have to do your own research because, as Chris says, there’s a lot of games out there.

Honestly, you’re better off just watching this forum section for free games:

u guys see the point now with this article? that why it was a good idea to make a free game list

There are still less than 10 free games in WeMod. Making a separate list would still just be more clutter, it would be another thing we would manually have to track, and it is another variable on the backend we would have to screw with.It just isn’t worth the time it would take.

so do u know the free games now ? or was it the magic number just a guess :frowning:

I do not have a list but I know it is fewer than 10. Free games get very few votes because the majority are small indie games that die after 3 days.