Lizard Squad cease attacks on Xbox Live and PSN

All of you who just got your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for Christmas can now connect to Xbox Live or PSN. The recent DDoS attacks from Lizard Squad have taken the services offline.

The founder of Mega tweeted Lizard Squad asking them to stop the attacks in exchange to give their entire crew 3000 Mega lifetime premium vouchers.


Why the hell would the founder of Mega give them vouchers…

No idea, but I have come up with two possible solution.

  • He probably wanted to appear as the “good guy who saved Xbox Live and PSN”?
  • Or, maybe he was anxious to play his new set of games which required downloading from the respective console’s store?

They’ll probably accept the vouchers then go right back to what they were doing.

Some people are saying that the servers were only down because a crapload of people were trying to play. Finest squad tried to help cause there was a brief moment when sign-in was working.

Mines still down:C.

Yeah, mine is still down as well, so i do not think it worked. Sucks to be MEGA right now.

Both lol

A Christmas Miracle. How @MegaPrivacy saved @Xbox & @PlayStation from the @LizardMafia attack. Enjoy your games! :slight_smile:

I just want to play my damn Master Chief Collection :anguished:

Nope, he mentioned in the conversation if he DDos again, he will deactivate the vouchers. He’s one smart guy.

Still can’t get online. Been gone all day and come home to this. Those damn lizards have no life…lol

yeah lol i still cant get on **** on xbox one this blowsss…

They’re continuing the attack they say.

I got my one today and I wasn’t able to do anything at first and then I signed in. It took four hours for a disk install and the assassins creeds are still installing. I wasn’t able to play online at all.