Lizard Squad Strikes Again (Xbox One & 360 Offline) 12/1/14

If you have an Xbox One and wonder why some services are not working, now you know

lol “Die of ebola”

**** those guys.

I really wish Gimbo or whoever it use to be would put these ****s on the blacklist on every ****ing national terrorist list.

Will this affect xbox 360 at all?

One of my 360 friends is complaining about his live being affected, I would assume so.

Down for 360 around my way right now.

Why do they do this?

Do not even bother to try to contact Xbox Customer Support through phone or their website. Phone is at least a 3 hour hold while the Chat with an Agent is almost 5 hours.

Just for fun thinking that they’re untouchable

Because they are idiots and have nothing better to do…seems like thats all they can do cause their life sucks

Publicity and growth of their e-peen.
I wouldn’t think it will be down for that much longer.

made an account on here just to be able to see what’s going on, what a bunch of ass’s, and they said this is just a taste of what’s to come on christmas

I hope they get tracked down, equivalent of what Anonymous did to KKK’s twitter account.

Lizard Squad #Sucks

Well I can’t wait until their little posse of lizards get eaten by a hawk…

****ing Assholes. I just got online to play some GTA with my friends, and this happens.

EDIT: I can’t play any of my downloaded games. WTF!!!

im having the same problem with playing downloaded games, but my buddy who lives like 6 blocks away can play his, madden 15 so same game too.

EDIT: My madden finally started working

Skryz, edit your post title to include the xbox 360 as well because that is also having problems. If you do not know how to do that, click edit post and then on the right or left it should say advanced, click on that and then edit it.

The time all of my buddies are online this **** happens

Same. I was breeding Kubrows on Warframe, and the game closed on me. I swear if something went wrong with the breeding, I’m going to kill every lizard I see from now on.