Lock function would be amazing

Title says it all. The “save” function is great, but I have had several times where I have accidentally hit a mod that introduced a non-reversable (at least for a non-technical dimwit like me) change to the game. The ability to save and then “lock” mods would be amazing…and by “lock” I just mean that any mod shortcuts keys will not work until unlocked other than ones already activated.

Hey there,

As a Pro subscriber, you can disable all the keyboard shortcuts in the WeMod app settings, which can prevent accidental enabling of mods.

Alternatively, for free users, they can edit the keybinds and hit the DEL key on their keyboard to remove the keybind of a mod they don’t want to use, or don’t want to accidentally turn on until needed. Then when it’s needed again, they can rebind the key to it’s original by pressing the BACKSPACE key to restore it to default.

These are some possible solutions to prevent the accidental enabling of mods.

Hope this helps!


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