Lock your xbox 360

this is for you who have little brothers or sisters who always FU*KS up your xbox.
what it does


for the tut go click me:)l

Such an awesome idea, need one for the slim :stuck_out_tongue: .

I lost the key! :worried:

Not a bad idea. Although… Why take the time to put a lock on?

Thats pretty crazy.

That’s pretty epic, I’m going to watch the tutorial.:slight_smile:

Simply brilliant

amazing at best

Nice Thread and thanks for sharing, i might use this i have one little bro who always try to get on my xbox.


Neat Idea

Is there a way to just make it so you have to type in a password to do anything, like as soon as the Xbox turns on, before it signs in any account, it asks for a password?

This is pimpin, If i still had my modded xbox i would being doing that rightnow.

That would be an account passcode…account management > Passcode.

I’m sure you could make this work with a touch pad or something.

Hahah, that’s funny.
Where do I buy the case?


How is that shiz even possible. Pretty sick I must say.

or you could put a clear default.xex on a USB And hide the usb in the back or something…

I haven’t read the tut, but I’m going to ashume that you buy the lock, and there’s to terminals on it, connect active terminal to one, neutral terminal of the power input. When you lock it, it shorts them and does red ring to protect the xbox from damage.

Just a guess. Read the tut and you will find out more.

o.O who the hell would ever thought of that O.o

Nope. It is only possible on Jtag, and you can’t do it on dashboard anyways.

Hahaha that’s funny I would do this but I don’t want to jtag.