Logged out

I hope someone can help me with this. I tried to open wemod earlier but got a black screen. I deleted wemod and reinstalled it, but got a whole new profile… is there a way to log your old account in, on the new profile page?

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Please make your own threads rather than posting in threads that have nothing to do with your issue. I split your post into its own thread.

Black screen: The solution to this is to launch Task Manager, right-click the WeMod process and select “End Task”. Or the longer method is to restart your PC.
This issue of processes getting stuck in the background is a Windows issue that has been around since at least Windows XP that Microsoft still haven’t fixed. Reinstalling WeMod was unnecessary, as it was an issue on the Windows OS end, not WeMod’s. :slight_smile:

Logging in: when you are logged out of your account (ie due to clearing cookies or deleting WeMod), you will be given a temporary guest account until you log back into your own.
Click the cog wheel at the top of WeMod to go to your settings. Press the red log out button to leave the temporary guest account. Then log in to your account. How do I log in to my account? - WeMod Support.

First off, I want to apologize, I’m still getting used to the community, and secondly, I want to thank you for your help… I have it running.

Hello and thank you for the update.

No worries at all. Glad you are able to use We I’d with your account now. Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Always feel free to drop by with questions, to discuss things, or just to grab an occasional free game from the Deals section of the community. :slight_smile: