Logic - Young Sinatra III

I now have high hopes again for Hip-Hop if we let him hold the torch.

He’s from where I’m from, only reason I know of him. He’s got a few good songs.

lol trash.

You’re cute. Make sure not to cuss, mommy might take your keyboard again.

That piano is so terrible. Sounds like some kid just pressing random buttons.

Go to the other room son, The grown up’s are talking now.

I’m going to assume you’ve played the piano before? Now personally Iv’e played the piano on and off since I was twelve and I hear nothing wrong with that simple piano loop. Also is they’re anything you don’t dislike?

It is too slow for the rest of the song.

Don’t get mad because other people have opinions, sheesh.

I was just hoping for you to better explain yourself and it worked. :smile:

That doesn’t make any sense. You’re so salty that some people don’t like him lol.

The instrumental used on this track is Milkbone’s 1995 “Keep it Real” single beat, with slightly different scratches/samples used for the chorus. I’ve always loved that beat, and Logic definitely does his thing over it. Many of you know I’m a 90s hip hop head so of course I know this ****. I’m feeling it Jay, nice share.

Are you talking about that KDia kid? He’s a ****, dude. He could’ve presented his opinion in a much better way.

Make’s plenty of sense and nor am I any kinds of salty. You simply were vague with your reason for disliking it and me being the puppeteer that I am gave you a real reason to explain yourself, But I’m not a rapper…

Yup Logic sampled some Mob Deep audio bytes as well. Milkbone did it well too considering the timeline but I like the speedy flow that Logic applies here. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Edit: in fact I’m not even gonna waste my time with you kid.

Song sucks. Deal with that however you want.

Sorry man I didn’t mean to upset you. Judging from how you’re taking all this and you’re reactions I think the only real child here is you sadly. Also referring to people as children is so 2012 so leave that joke there along with you’re attitude. Have a nice day though best friend < 3