Login invalid

I just created a new account and for some reason when I try to sign into the infinity app on my laptop it tells me invalid login: the login info you entered does not match any account I know I’m not typing my info wrong can anyone tell me whats up

and yes I know this is one big run on haha

Are you using the latest version 2.0 of the INFINITY app ? Have you tried resetting password as well, just in case ?

Can you easily LOG into this Wemod’s website/forum (on your LAPTOP), regardless of the Web browser used (with same account which is @davidswindell ) ?

Maybe try restarting, and/or reinstalling INFINITY from scratch ? Clean all previous traces first.

Anyway, I’m gong to tag “Frank”, “Zach”, and/or “Chris” to help you further with this issue.

Try resetting your password here: https://www.wemod.com/forgot

You will need to be logged out before you can reset it.

yes sir I am using 2.0 and I can log on to the website no problem ive also started from scratch and changed my password still no dice

Can you login on your laptop? If you can login from your phone or desktop then there is nothing that would keep you from signing in from the laptop besides a wrong password or username as it all gets pulled from the same DB.

no sir I cant its the strangest thing its a new account that will let me sign in at the main sight but not the app you download from it I’m sorry if I’m not explaining my self very well I’m completely new to computers in general

You can’t login to Infinity? If so it should redirect you to the website and there should be a button that says open Infinity.