Login not saving

Roughly every 2. day i have to enter my login info in infinity because it doesn’t save them for me.
I can’t find any way to save my login info on the infinity client. It just seems to randomly lose the info every few days.
I restart my pc every day so the infinity client isn’t running 24/7.

Any way to fix this?

Could your antivirus be purging the cache? Seems weird, i haven’t had to login for months,


I don’t know why that would be happening. Do you logout on the website or forum?

I don’t logout on the app or on the website and as antivirus i use windows defender. No idea what is causing the app to not remember my logins.

It’s not a huge issue just a minor annoyance.

Lil update, today after starting the PC and the infinity app it logged me out of the app a second after starting it, it also logged me out on the website aswell at the same time.

So it seems after starting the app i was still logged in but the app decided to log me out on both the app and the website. Strange.

Does your IP change ? That can log you out (happens to me if i use a VPN )

Yes my IP changes almost every day. Our ISP only lets you keep a IP for 24h.

That might be the reason why.

That will do it. Mine changes too but only when i reset the router/modem.

My guess is that is that infinity uses the IP as some sort of password. Maybe Infinity could use someting else? Hardware id maybe?

We don’t use the IP address for anything.