Look this just won't install properly, what do I do?

I use ublock, I disabled it just in case but that helped none. I’ve downloaded Horizon before but used it once and got rid of it. WeMod-setup.exe downloaded no problem. However Horizon downloads as WeMod Download manager and when I go through the install process it prompts me to install 2 random security programs before even finishing the install. However when I click finish, it doesn’t ask to start on close (which most do), and after it closes it might open a shortcut on my desktop that says to continue to install. But when I follow through the process again it just does the same thing and closes. I’ve run in administrator, removed my current antivirus, and removed 3 other antivirus programs that I installed when the horizon download prompted me to. I only did this to download games on my old Xbox360 for my younger sister and it’s just become an extreme irritant at this point. I mean I even bought the diamond features just for it, followed the support tips of searching in windows for previous saves, and “looking for an unblock” setting in properties, which isn’t there.

The only thing you have to accept in the installer is our TOS. Decline Mcafee then Horizon should install then it will give you another add-on, just decline that also. If that doesn’t work send an email to support@wemod.com and I will email you the files zipped without the installer.

Thank you, I sent an email after retrying install again a few times just for good measure.