Looking for a certain Borderlands 2 DLC. (x360)

Im looking for the UVHUP 2 (Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2). People say its DRM locked, but i had it once on my USB and it worked perfectly fine, i could enter the digistruct peak and everything worked fine. Thing is, I accidentally formatted my usb and i lost all the DLC’s. I regained most of them, but some download links are simply gone and deleted now. If anyone can give me the UVHUP 2 on mega/mediafire i will be very thankful.

It’s DRM locked. Only way it works if downloaded from a filing hosting site is if you have a Jtag/RGH modified 360. I have all BL2 DLC on my Mega account. I’ve been through this with others many times in other BL2 topics on this site. I’ll leave you a link to it anyway. Good luck. https://mega.nz/#!rANH0QTY!2Dz84kwtAtLYRkmY_E1s-5p4vjKBCPsDsg9-iRHM-yI

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But if it only works on JTAG/RGH then how could I run it from an USB and it worked? It was like a year ago but im 100% sure it worked straight from usb. I could even enter digistruct peak.

Maybe you have a modified console and don’t know it. Or maybe it was purchased on your account at some point and that’s why it works when you put it on your usb. The only BL2 files that are available as DRM free are the ones that come on the GOTY edition disc 2. Try my link and see how it goes.

It’s been discussed here many times: Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack #2

It’s definitely a stock console and i definitely didnt buy it. If i dont get it to work, i’ll just buy the dlc. Its super cheap now anyway. I tried the link before when i searched other forums, but since its drm locked it breaks all the other dlc when put on usb. Thanks for the help though.