Looking For A New Monitor

Basically what the title says. Prefer to have 2 HDMI. Don’t really have a budget. Preferably about 27’ and will be used for my Xbone and PC. And to be ordered from Amazon.


Asus MG279Q

27" IPS 1440P 144hz

This one yeah?

Only get it if you have an AMD graphics card. If you have an Nvidia card, their IPS one is coming out soon.

WAT. When did this happen?

I have a nvidia graphics card. I’m not too fussed if it’s not perfect for the PC. I barely play on it. Will mainly be for my Xbox

Wat? This is an IPS one. Are you referring to one that supports GSYNC? Asus has been saying soon now for like 3 months. It also won’t meet his requirements for HDMI ports since they are only wanting to use display ports.

I have 2 24 inch ones of the same make and with a 1ms response time it is great for both Xbox and PC.

Yes that one. They brought it up again and have announced they have their IPS panel at 165Hz so we will see. It’s rumored to be coming December now.