Looking for a website, Thats good.. To buy Xbox 360 games

Can anyone link me some?

Thanks in advance!



I don’t trust ebay… Any Offical sites, that anyone has used before?

Honestly I’m not sure what you’re asking for. If you are wanting cheap games then your best bet is ebay or find another forum that allows B/S/T and people that sell games.

Get a modified console (JTAG/RGH). It is possible you will never have to buy a game again and you can also get games a week or two early!

eBay has games to offer and so does Amazon if your doing it legitimately.

If that is all he is wanting then he should just get a flashed xbox. You can still play on live that way.

Why don’t you trust ebay? You have buyers protection on their http://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/money-back-guarantee.html, I have never had a problem.

The only other places I can think of is actual game retailers like GameStop etc, or Amazon.


If you are in the UK: https://uk.webuy.com/

They sell preowned games.

Thanks guys i will look into it… And i CEX is so overpriced it’s unreal mate… I never go there…

You’re joking right?

I’ve picked up loads of games in there for 5£ or less. They are great value.