Looking for friends

Sooo I have a Pc, Xbox 360, and Xbox one. I’m looking for people to play games with I have a mic but dont have many games for the Xbox one. I dont know what I should buy. I have a lot of steam games though XD. Sooo let me k ow if u wanna be my friend my gamer tag is kisa sohma, my steam is rena707 and my skipe is kisa.sohma.

Hmmm, if you creating things, then you buy minecraft on the Xbox one or wait until project Spark comes out (look up some videos, really cool gameplay). Or another great buy would be Halo: MC Collection, it has Halo 1-4 with Halo 1 and 2 graphics remade. I would recommend more, but it’s either I seen no gameplay for it, or it hasn’t come out yet. What games do you prefer, I can tell you more about them. Also I would add you, but I don’t have an Xbox One, at least not until after Germany tour.

X1 & BF4 is all you’ll need

Thanks I have mine craft for the PC and a server XD and idk my fave game ever is eternal sonata.

Lol play wif me

I added you, trying to get Chris to play again.

hi i need a friend my gt is H20 Ninja99 add me if you want to i play call of duty,and i do modded lobby thx btw

Ewww. I hate that game, I play Tales of games. I gotten deep into the story and my favorite one is Tales of Vesperia because of the most bad ass dog ever, Repede! Eternal Sonata in my opinion was just overall just bad. I hated the fighting and the creatures, I didn’t try to understand the story.