Looking for good game building engine

I basically going to start learning code for a game which is temp name called Project Almanac(almondnack) I came up and started writing a story script for it last night. Thing is as bungie is never going to let people use there game engine, any engine that could do close to the mission on halo reach called long night of solace, but it still will be a war game. But it’s going to be very difficult and I’ll also need to learn how to use multiple game engines, I just need one to have all others go and reference when an error occurs.

I think you are underestimating how complicated game development is. Halo reach wasn’t exactly made by some bored guy with zero experiance, it was made by a large group of skilled developers and designers with a VERY big budget.

You have to take baby steps. Get one of those simple game development tools like gameguru for example or try your luck with unity and premade assets.

Most engines use C++. I would use cryengine, unity, or unreal engine.

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I think you underestimate the power of one individual that wants to make the best game ever! He will use the Frostbite engine and make us drool with the game he provides!

To OP. Like the others said. I would recommend those: [quote=“Chris, post:3, topic:34731”]
I would use cryengine, unity, or unreal engine.

They are not as easy to handle as you may think but they are a good start nonethless

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@allI know it’s going to be a long road ahead. But a simple game engine is not going to cut it. I also learned that in math I made things harder than they were supposed to be, like algebra. So, if it’s hard it’ll be good for me. I’m planning for 10 yrs into this and no help quite frankly, no one would help me even if I got a copyright patent on the idea of the game.

@N1ceToMeetYou: Nice sarcasm, you almost got me. But at least you understand somethings. BTW, frostbite engine would be the worst engine to use IMO.

@all: I actually did research how to make game engines, compilers, decompilers, and code. But it def is all confusing… Also, it won’t be the best game ever, gfx will sck as I’m not good at drawing worth the sht, but I’m willing to start from bare minimum scratch and learn all the problems I run into. Hence why I came here.

I think this is the perfect attitude. It will be a great learning experiance but the end product will not be very good. The longer you keep at it the better you will become and many of the things you learn can be used for other things as well.

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Thank you. I just figure my job I have isn’t going anywhere but easy enough I can do it and focus on this. I get 5 days off and work 3 days on. So, plenty of time.

Boy does research give you a headache. Though I think I might start a different game when this guy releases his game engine. https://creators.vice.com/en_us/article/impossible-4d-puzzle-game-defies-physics-and-lets-you-walk-through-walls enjoy a really long confusing but enertaining video.

rpg maker mv is pretty good. :slight_smile:

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where do you have 8 day weeks



it’s called cenex in north dakota USA and they always give 3 days = 21 hrs unless I ask & I usually get another day = 29.30 hrs as I can’t go past 30 or it would be full time unfortunately. But with my new diet, I should be getting nutrition, losing weight & saving money. So it’s all good. Pay could be better though, 11$ per hour.

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