Looking for Help on GTAV (X1)

So it is what it is…Looking to expand My Crew, and make friends and Money on GTA V.
I was forced to pull out my I.C.E. profile to transfer the character, but am unfortunately left playing legit without any of my original account accomplishments or money.
If I had only ever played on One online Character (and Legit) I would still be a Lvl 700 +/- 75

I do not post XBL:GT’s publicly (no one else ever should either) So if you are looking for a Crew to get into or peeps to play with HMU with a PM.

Depending on FULL game versions or DLC I MIGHT be willing to GAMESHARE/ TRADE with others.

Right Now I play Mostly…
the Crew

I Sorta play…
Red Dead Redemption (360BC)

I plan to get…
Forza Horizon 2 (X1 edition)
Forza Horizon 3
Minecraft (X1 edition)

Absolutely will not play…
World of Tanks
Forza Motorsport xx (don’t matter they all bore me)

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Hey, Sykotik I play GTAV and The crew sometimes, really looking forward to the next expansion for it. I’ll PM you my GT though I know it is floating around here somewhere

Not sure what expansion you are referring to?
I mean GTA V is GTA, and as for the Crew I got the complete edition to save cash in the long run.

the crew has one called Calling all units

saw that but I didn’t realize that was an expansion. The real question is what are the DL requirements?
I don’t see that info anywhere…specifically I mean is it a given to complete edition owners, or will it cost extra to everyone? Not that I am worried about not having enough storage space (yet) but package size does not seem to be noted anywhere either.

I think extra to everybody

yeah all I found was ONE logical guess of 59.99 for the “Ultimate Edition” which is said to include every Crew DLC from Now till initial Launch; and release along side the expansion.
That is a bit BS, because that is sorta the point in VIP content to most games; and the point in saving a bit of cash getting the “Complete Edition” which includes the base game (the Crew) plus “Wild Run” and all previously released Content…including the VIP, and Limited edition content packages as well.

I still need people to Help Me with the traditional GTA Online (Xbox1) get rich quick schemes. Things Like someone Being a CEO and hiring Me as an associate and doing “Executive Search” in small/quiet lobbies (10 minutes of slacking for 50-55K total if given 100% of CEO’s share) AND of course a team to do the “Pac.Stan. Exploit”.

If I knew what I know Now I would have never gotten involved with helping my one friend host DNS server “Money Lobbies” on my original profile.
Don’t mind playing legit, but I hate being broke and forced to grind for cash.
Unfortunately grinding hard to come out still broke after getting only a few things Needed just to make grinding easier and still be broke kills the game for Me to the point of regretting buying the game.

Hey @Sykotik if you find people for heist I’ll host it but I don’t know the exploit

Hawk, I haven’t seen You online enough in my time loop to Say I noticed adding You, but anyway the hunt continues.
I did managed to make CEO with the cheapest possible assets after MUCH help and relentless grinding.

yea my log in pattern is not always regular

Mine isn’t exactly regular past daily. I am normally on no earlier than 8-9pm (-5 GMT/eastern US) but my honestly my true hours of being online depends on what has been going on, and what will be going on the next day.

Yea I’m kinda same, Monday -Wednesday I don’t know how late I would be on and Thursday I try to get a good night sleep because I work Fri-sun