Looking for Last Boss Save checkpoint

As title says anyone have this and would like to share the checkpoint please Zero xMDKx (360)


i always use it atm no one has

I always use the site too and there isnt a single day I can find that there isnt someone doing atheon on both hard and normal.

I just got the checkpoint on Hard Mode. I’ll message you in a minute.

Bruh, isn’t the game about to update to where we couldn’t push him off?

…I’d be down to getting free stuff though.

I got the checkpoint off some british guys on LFG, and we just pushed him off once with only three of us. It was the quickest I’ve ever done it too. I can give you the checkpoint again if you want it, I’m on now. The best part is I just got a second Mythoclast…

Awesome, I’d love to get free stuff from the Raid (hard) again; especially since the helmet I was gifted has “Strength” on it.

somewhat lucky Destiny wristband on

We “completed” the Raid again last night after you finished and I was gifted:

  • 3x - Ascendent Shards
  • 1x - Aspect of Glass

Yeah those are the exact same rewards I got on the first run last night, then I got the Mythoclast when I ran with you the second time. And now I just got another one & my third timebreaker. RNGesus has been good to me these past 12 hours.

Well, my brother has had some AMAZING luck with the RNG since the beginning!
…he barely plays the game yet has a lot of the same gear or better than I do.

(ex: Since everything reset today, he completed the Nightfall to be rewarded the Suros Regime where as I was rewarded 6x Strange Coins…one could earn more coins from the Weekly Heroic!)

Think i could join in on pushing him off?

@Zodiac, can you save that checkpoint for me? I want to solo it and have another chance to get the timebreaker. I get off at 3.

anyone have a Normal checkpoint i can have or join so i can do hard mode before patch

Check Destinylfg. I last night, I saw tons of people giving away normal Vault of Glass checkpoints.

What time is the patch?

I still have the checkpoint for anyone that wants it, I’m just being charitable on DLFG right now and giving it away to people. I’ve probably given away 40 checkpoints today already. Just post or PM your gamertag to me and I’ll invite you to my orbit to retrieve it. I’m on 360 only though, sorry X1/PSN users.

I’ll have to book mark that site! I’ll also have to get past lvl 25 before anything cause no one wants to play till i can get higher lol.

Got atheon checkpoint on hard, send me a message if you want the checkpoint. Gamertag is: Guardian Azrael (X1)

is anyone else having problems with the destiny Servers atm error code stingray

Yea man, Stingraaaay!

I’m not having any issues, but there have been a few people I’ve given checkpoints to who keep getting disconnected.