Looking for people to play/record GTA V Online PC

Must have a decent quality mic if you want to be in a recording.

reply with your steam name :stuck_out_tongue:

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Obviously let me know when you want to play/record should you choose to add me

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Added. I’ll message you on steam.

Edit: hawk is banned…anyone else wanna play/record with me?

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sounds like fun, steam name: bretbuck. add me & we can play a bit :slight_smile: i’m not very good at gta, havent played it much but my pc can handle it very well. ive got some decent cars but low on money, so maybe we can do some heists or something for cash ^^ haha i dunno, or just mess around! :smiley:

Unfortunately Dustin can’t play but you can add me


i added you on steam. :slight_smile: