Looking to build a new computer

Basically what the title say. Have about £1000 to spend but would like to keep anything from my current build. I will be keeping my case and storage.

Just wait. Computex is at the end of this month.


If you’re willing to spend $1000 on a new computer, why not get all new parts and sell this one off?

Well he is in the UK and parts there are really expensive compared to the US. Plus several parts can be reused like the PSU, Monitors, HDD, SSD, disc drives, and can save a decent amount of money. Unfortunately he is on a platform that uses ddr3 so that isn’t salvageable.


id go for a ryzen cpu, amd gpu, within ur price range if your only planning on keeping the case and storage.
but id wait until june to buy it. u probably only need to buy new mobo, cpu and gpu in that case, but if u want to continue with intel, u wont need a new mobo. maybe a psu too, depending on the wattage u have…? but probably wont be necessary.

also, what games are you going to play? depending on the games, you might not need to upgrade a lot.

if your keeping intel id recommend just upgrading the cpu and gpu, 1000 pounds will get u really, really far. :slight_smile:

This is what I have planned. (The PSU and SSDs, HDD will be there from my old build)


just an update, the new threadripper cpus seem like a good option when they come out, otherwise the ryzen 1700 is a good choice.

buying AMD

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I’ve got basically the same set up with Windows 7, but I upgraded the video card to a GTX 1650 Ti. Works great! I just like windows 7 better than 10.