Looking to mod Game Room

If anybody doesn’t know what the game “Game Room” is, you download the game and all the DLC packs and then purchase the arcade games for £1.99 a piece so that you can play them. Last week they were all de-listed. There are some achievements that would unlock as you earned more medals for the games and some as you leveled up (with XP earned from said medals)

I have already modded games in the past where the DLC could be played offline (like Skate 3). But my question is this: since there is an in game level up system which is probably connected to a leaderboards system as well, is it too risky to bother hacking the leveling and medals achievements?

Short answer, yes. Most likely you will get temp-banned from the game and stats reseted. But if you don’t care about that I’m positive that you can unlock the achievements without getting caught.