Loop Minded Individuals: A Hitchhiker's Guide To A Verse

My buddy Chuck(Intrikit) stopped by and gave me some of his recent projects the other day. This project is a compilation of sorts, where he teamed with fellow MC/Producer, ESH. They let their production skills shine on this project, and searched for some of the best independent MC’s in our area(CT/RI/MA). I’m really feeling the entire album. I just threw together a quick video for youtube of 1 of the songs, if you like it you should check out the album. You can download the full album over at Bandcamp for free. Click Here

Definitely downloading the album! Thanks for messaging me about this :smile:

Just starting to listen to this and it sounds like chris webby which is funny because hes from CT

If you download my folder from Mega you’ll get some extra goodies.

It’s not Webby, but does sound very similar. You should check out the full album, it’s very dope.

I will

Thanks! :smile: