Lost Planet 2 level AND credit mod

this is a simple TUT on how to mod your level AND or credits.

first when you are in LP2 select the character you want to mod.
look at your xp and your credits.
lets say my xp was 3000
and my credit where 4000

you will now go to this link Binary/Decimal/Hexadecimal Converter this is a decimal to hex converter, you will need to find your decimal value( the one that is showed on your save **in game **)
once you find the HEX values for them wright those down.

NOW go to your dashboard, move your LP2 file over to you USB/HDD/MU
extract it to you desktop/LP2(use what ever tool you want ot extract with)
within Desktop/LP2 make a folder names Backup. copy your file there INCASE you mess up. open your file in Hxd(download link at bottom) now click CTRL+F it will open a search bar, search for YOUR hexidecimal value and once it is found replace the strand this is Highlited with all (F) save file. rehash and resign with what ever program you choose inject it back into your USB/HDD/MU and run LP2 you should now be whatever level/credit you wanted.

EXTRA!! once you hit lvl 80 you will be able to use any armor with any character. use your credits to unlock ALL things :smiley:

HxD download link HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor | mh-nexus

Hope this has helped. NOTE i did this on release day of LP2 i take FULL credit for this. (also using this method you are able to mod other games by searching your HEX value and replacing with your desired value

Post in steps please, like:
Just looks kind of bundled up.

I had a tool for this, I made it in my modding program, never released it though. Good post to!

cool for a while i thought it wasnt possible because all everyones offsets were different, well shows how little i know about programming lol.

sorry about the jumble i put this up quick tomorrow i will edit it will pics and reword it all

theirs a hex editor in horizon i do believe,correct me if im wrong

there probably is, i just grew on HxD because it auto-backups the file before editing

Thanks for the tut bro!
Very useful. got me to level 80 and all armor unlocked. Now to make the most messed up looking character this game has ever seen… :thumbsup: