Lt 3.0 Burned Games And Old Games Problem Solved

If I Flash My Console To Lt 3.0 Will I Have To Burn All My New/Old Games Or Only The New Games That Do Not Work. And Can You Play For Example (Homefront Old Game) Or I Have Burn It. Then I Can Play It. And All The New Xgd3 Ap2.5 Games. For Example (Batman Arkham City) (Gears Of War 3.) Etc.=\ :sunglasses:

You would have to burn them again because of the ap2.5. I would just re-burn them.

Games that need topology data (AP) will need to be re-burnt.
But old XGD2 games like CoD4 will still work.

So You Mean. My Some Old Games Will Still Work And Others I Have To Re Burn And The New Ones Too :sunglasses:

Any game that is not AP2.5 will NOT need reburned.

Yea games like cod4,waw,gta would be fine but games like mw3 and newer would have to be re-burned.

Just run your ISO’s in ABGX and the ones which need patching will need a re-burn and the ones which don’t, wont. Simples.

Yes. Ok! Now I Now What To Do 1 Million Thanks :smiley:

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sorry to bump this but maybe this answer my question.

I have downloaded Prototype 2 and when I want to play the game it ask for an update when I click update it give’s me a error code. So when I update my drive to LT 3.0 I wont get the code anymore right?