Lunar Eclipse Pictures

Here’s a few shots I got of the Lunar Eclipse. It was pretty windy out so getting perfect shots was abit hard but thankfully the skies were clear.

(thanks for the blurriness based wind)

These are really good man

apparently gyazo doesn’t like horizonmb…
Shot I got as well.

Nice shots, I really like the 3rd one, I might use that as my desktop background… But unfortunately I missed the sighting because it was cloudy in my area, and because of that I only got to see glimpses.

cool pics:)

Cheater thanked it, you know it’s really special

I couldn’t see anything that night:c

probly cos u suk l0ser

I don’t think I’ve seen clearer pictures from NASA

Wow that iPhone 6S camera is good.

Yeah takes pretty decent shots.

Thanks for sharing man!