m2k's Heavily Modded Oblivion Saves!

Lol, I got bored so I spent all day today making some random freakin oblivion save…

What this includes-
All stats very high (Low if requested)
Level very high (Going to make low)
A lot of weird door/item placements, in the merchants in…
Basically have you own house and forest out in no where (With some npc’s and Weapon/Armor crates)
Trying to Model Swap (Epically Failing)
And it’s loads of fun… IMO, so give it a try :smiley:
I’ll update more as I make new saves…

Virus Scan-


[details=Open Me]
Once you go into the merchants inn it will look like this-

Then turn around and you should see-

Then continue down the hall way until you see the first door on your right-

That leads to Todd’s Test House, continue down the hall way up the sairs and you should see a portal-

This one leads too the Testing Hall, Now some pic’s of the mini-city (Todd’s Test House)

Also they are ALOT darker on the Xbox and you have to leave Todd’s Test House and it takes you outside…[/details]

Ok well here-
DOWNLOAD! (Fixed link)

*Inventory crash fixed (Xbox and PC)
Soon adding all weapons boxes ectt… too 1.2 inside the test house.

*Adds all weapon ect… crates to the test house + the vampire stones.

Haha, last one today-
v1.3- (Latest!)
Fixed some minor bugs, added a chapel and a tavern to your mini-city… lol epic fail though…
Mirror Link
-------------------I’ll upload more 2marow.
Lol ok so you spawn in Todd’s Test House, If you go to the imperial city in the market district, inside of the merchants in… It’s FUC
ed up…

Sooooo yup, enjoy.

BTW I will change the level l8r,

**Notice- If anyone can make the freakin bow show up as an actual weapon i will love you forever and give you like more credit than me… thansk!

Replace with your ID’s.

*If you wana request something PM me!

Anyone Download?

Virus scan would be nice:thumbsup:.

It’s not a .exe but whtevr, i’ll update first post.

Edit: Nvm, updating first post…

How do you make houses for the 360? I’d love to do this myself and make a fitting lair for my necromancer =]

can you make a vampire save but make them immune to any of the annoying weaknesses like sun damage and if there is any other weaknesses then do that since I can never be a vampire since my modded stats always disappear when i forget to feed.
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that is my save. It wasn’t originally mine I just modded it further and improved it the best I could but the annoying sun damage is making me furious. also it is a dremora so yeah.