So I just found out about Horizon from my friends but I can’t download it because I have a MAC. Does anyone know if there are any plans to make Horizon compatible with MAC? :expressionless:

Currently the Devs are working on other projects so not at this time. You could use a virtual machine to run Windows and run Horizon that way.

Thanks a lot but do you know a link to a virtual machine or what to search?

This site explains a lot:

A buddy of mine uses Boot Camp and seems to like it.

I use virtual box on my Mac to run windows.

It’s now been 5 months, are there still no development plans for OSX or Linux?

I never said anything about development for OSX or Linux, sorry but no.

It has been 5 months, and you’re still not using windows.

That’s your problem.

I already use both OSX and Windows. I only asked as I primarily use OSX for my design work, and I’m normally booted into my OSX partition. The only real reason I boot into Windows recently is to work with my Xbox 360, so it would just be a bit easier to run Horizon on my OSX side.

Don’t add useless comments just to incite conflict. I posted my question for information, you added nothing useful to this thread.