Mad Max Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Game update or infinity update?

Sorry it was infinity update v 3.0.1, like I said it makes the button press sounds when I push F1 , F2,

Try uninstalling the beta and reinstalling. We’re trying to figure out what caused the issue, but reinstalling has fixed it for a few people.

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Let me know if it works! :slight_smile:

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Ok whats the best way to Uninstall infinity ?

Uninstalling it and using this: - ICDV2.bat - to make sure the cache is deleted

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Awsome guys thank you ! the uninstaller worked great ! every thing works again thanks

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That tool only works for Infinity 2

Ah right didn’t know that. Well then he has to delete the cache manually

That tool will clear the Infinity v3 cache, but that doesn’t do anything. Cache is no longer an issue.

Ah right thank you for clarifying I will keep that in mind

Just to add to what Frank said. Deleting the cache still resets Infinity somewhat (the login token for example) but (if frank is to be trusted) it won’t fix any issues. Going to make a v3 version of the tool, wouldn’t be very useful but maybe it could be used when reinstalling/uninstalling infinity to delete left-over files.

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Reading what you guys are saying but I was using the beta 3.0 then I did the update to 3.0.1 then the trainer for mad max didn’t work , I used the uninstaller , clicked the folder used the auto one , let it do its magic then up popped the new beta all I had to do was sign in and mad max worked perfect again !

Really? I did set the tool to search for version 0.0.0-9.9.9 so I guess it is possible for it to still work.

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@STN any chance on an infinite car health cheat? Pwetty Pwease :worried:


can you add unlimited car health?


Is there a possibility for unlock all and lvl up. if there were that would be nice :grinning:

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Unlimited car health would be greatly appreciated.


could you add a unlock all parts cheat same with player?

This game just hit the Origin Access, even though I know it isn’t for Origin, any chance of an update?