Made a big mistake trying to install rgh

i have a big issue… was installing cr4 xl and my yellow wire got caught on something and ripped out of the board taking all the solder with it. not when i try to solder a point back onto the board it won’t work. i need something to take its place if possible? maybe some kind of adhesive i can fill the point with that still takes an electrical current so i can use the adhesive for that and the wire?

or if anyone has a way to fill that point??

really need help with this. thanks

changed the thread. now have a big issue hoping someone can help with

You need to post pictures of all damaged areas otherwise nobody can help you with your issue. If you want please PM me, i rgh about 10 consoles a week so if you cant get it sorted you could always send it to me or another professional. You’ll also likely get a reply back much quicker if you email me directly.

Well my issue is the original postout point doesn’t have any solder left so I can connect anything to it. Was told to get a post fix adapter but only see them for corona. Will the corona postfix adapter work on my trinity?

Yes, the postfix adapter will work just fine on a trinity. I have over 80 of them in stock if you are still up for finishing this install yourself you can buy a postfix directly from me and i can have one shipped out in the morning.

You can also try to repair it if you want to go along that rode.

Here is a Guide.

i think ill just get the postfix adapter. seems easiest way to go