Made a Report and as a thank you my rights in discord stripped?

sooo funny thing i dont know if a robot or admin messed up, i made a report of user Hi.#2741 on discord to be messaging people in the wemod group spreading a false free nitro link… upon report my messages where deleted and my rights stripped to post in the wemod discord… is this really how we treat people that report problems that can impact an entire customer base? seriously?

Sean Eduardo Frontenac Diaz.


@frank @AussiePixelBit i cant reach a single mod on discord via dm’s… =/ tagging you incase this all is a complete error.

appearently a admin or mod or discord bot put me in the muted discord section…

Hello! :slight_smile:

If you mentioned the Discord Nitro scams, then you were automatically muted as a precaution for a temporary period by the automatic moderation bot on Discord.

The bot identifies these scams by analysing what the user posts, and if that post meets a certain criteria, the user is muted temporarily, giving human moderators time to investigate. Nobody, human or bot, “messed up”. This is a good thing as it prevents roughly 95% of such scams from being posted while the human staff are asleep and therefore unavailable due to timezone differences.

In the future, send reports in DMs to staff rather than posting them publicly. This will prevent the moderation bot enforcing action against you and will also prevent WeMod members who do not have perfect English from trying the links in any screenshots, not realising it’s a scam report.

Feel free to state your Discord ID here or in DM.

well the system obviously sadly no longer properly works as the bots now use the method of directly DMing the users… the numer to the above name at the end of my OP is #2003.

perhaps a idea to create a reports channel where no history is kept for normal users for users to report such things without the bot muting them. esppechally as none of yall staff allow direct dms on discord anymore… this makes reporting these things painfully and represses me from future reports. i was only trying to get the admins to act quickly on it but if that methods gets me muted…? well yeah.

i attempted a Direct DM to Frank, SirAussie and Demon Lesbian, but none of these accepted dms.

to avoid bots from joining please enable higher group security, this means taking the highest option that requires a phone number verification, this prevents new created bots from joining and makes it less interesting for these (conejos de mierdas) to join the group.

Thanks for your reply. :slight_smile:

There’s nothing any moderation bot on any server can do about DMs. The DM route is not a new tactic, that has always been happening too. All the automated moderation bots can do is prevent them being posted in servers. It’s down to Discord itself to stop them from abusing the DM features.

As a community manager for a community of over 100,000 members elsewhere (not here at WeMod), I can confidentially say that a reports channel is not such a good idea, for the following reasons:

  • It alerts scammers that they have been reported, letting them know it’s time to abandon that account before anything can be done.
  • It is open to “name and shame” abuse just because one person doesn’t like another.
  • It relies on human moderators being online 24/7 to monitor.
  • People who do not have perfect English may still attempt to visit any links shared in screenshots, not realising they are scam reports.

The phone number verification has its own negative side effects. Namely being we’d lose a lot of legitimate users who do not wish to share their mobile number online. And also the fact that it is possible to spoof mobile phone numbers via certain shady blackhat websites makes this option obsolete - if a scammer wants to scam, they are going to use methods to get around this limitation.


  • To prevent getting DMs, go to your Discord settings and disable DMs from non-friends.
  • Tag @Discord Moderators in the Discord server and, when you get a response, let them know you’d like to report a scam. Don’t mention “Discord Nitro” at all.

You’re now unmuted.

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