Madness: Project Nexus support

I don’t even see Madness Project Nexus when i search for it on Wemod. what’s up with this?

Games are added to the WeMod library automatically by the system if the game is popular enough with WeMod users. Users can then show their interest in having a trainer.

The quoted post below explains how getting trainers released or updated works.

Yeah for some reason it does not show up in the library, is it getting an update or is it glitched in some form?


If a game is not in the WeMod library, it means that it is currently not popular enough to be considered.
Games are added to the library automatically depending on how many WeMod members have it, which is detected via the WeMod software.

Strange, i thought the cheats came out right when it was released I probably misremembered or made a mistake somewhere. But thanks for clarifying, hopefully it gets added soon. Still a bit odd how there is a support page for the game when its not in the library or anything.