Mafia II Cheats and Trainer for Steam

No longer works because of definitive edition update. Both Mafia 2 and 3 are not working.

@Georgephonix, @Metroid55v2 & @PoliteMask51 (and others to come).

I have passed this information (for both Mafia 2 & 3) and request onto a senior staff member. Thank you for notifying us and please be patient while this is reviewed. :slight_smile:


It is now possible to request a Definitive Edition trainer for Mafia II.

  1. Search for Mafia II in the WeMod desktop app.
  2. Click the result in the left panel.
  3. Select the Definitive Edition, underneath the name of the game.
  4. Click Vote.

Each vote bumps the trainer higher up the development queue. Don’t forget that you can use your WeMod referral link (found in the dashboard of the desktop app) to invite friends and people from other communities to vote too, whilst being rewarded for it. :slight_smile:

Thank you again to the community members who informed us and everyone for your patience. :slight_smile:


I just bought the game and tried to activate the tricks, the game crashed too, will there be an update to avoid these crashes? Thank you very much!!

Read the post above yours please @Nicco98.
The game was updated to the definitive edition, therefore this trainer will probably no longer work.


If you have upgraded your copy of Mafia II to Mafia II: Definitive Edition, please make sure you use the Definitive Edition trainer by MrAntiFun. :slight_smile:

Community thread: Mafia II (Definitive Edition) Cheats and Trainer for Steam


the game crashes after a few seconds
I have not updated to the definitive edition because that version was not purchased, so it tells me not installed.
how can i solve it?

You mean you have the cracked version of the game? If you didn’t purchase the game then there is nothing WeMod can do for you.
Trainers from any source on the internet are not made for cracked games and never will be, it’s too uneconomical. More information: No support for cracked games?.

Your only fix, if your game is cracked, is to buy the game legitimately.

no, maybe I expressed myself wrong. the game is original purchased in the steam store. only that I have Mafia II that came out in 2010, not the new one.

If you purchase the original Mafia II on Steam then it should have automatically updated to the Definitive Edition, unless you’ve turned off auto-updates.

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ok, I didn’t know that. I thought that version was to be purchased. thanks

Please update. Crash always on Chapter 2 when stealing Walter Coupe.

It is highly unlikely that this trainer will be updated.

Mafia II no longer exists in the Steam store.
Everyone who bought Mafia II from Steam got a free upgrade to the definitive edition of the game. Use the Definitive Edition trainer.
This is all explained in the recent posts just above yours - please read forums before posting in them.

Definitive Edition trainer: Mafia II (Definitive Edition) Cheats and Trainer for Steam.

No longer exists, but everyone who bought Mafia II Definitive Edition gets a free copy of Mafia II Classic, so anybody can still get this game. To be honest definitive eddition is very bad. Graphic is not much better, worse performence, alot of bugs and classic version needs only 7,8 Gb free space in contrast to 44 Gb Definitive. When i bought Trylogy and ask on forum what version is better to play everybody answer was “Classic”. Definitive Eddition trainer don’t work with Classic.

The trainer didn’t work :(… Plz help

Make sure you read previous posts before posting.
This is unlikely to be the correct trainer for your copy of the game, since everyone was upgraded to Definitive Edition.

See here: Mafia II Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #16 by Ravenfyre.

doesn’t work anymore just make the game crash “mafia 2 classic” for steam

Yes, it dosent work it just crash your game within 20-30 seconds even if you did not activated any cheats. Any chance we gonna get Update or should we request new trainer for Mafia 2 (Classic) as it is called now on Steam?

Yes, but ,Steam" version anyway doesn´t work with ,Mafia 2 Classic" version. It crashes shortly after launching the trainer. :confused:

game crashing please update. thank you devs