MAFMinecraft is NEW

Hey guys! I am MAF. I record minecraft XBOX360. I usehorizon to download MCxb360 maps!

check out my channel -

Welcome to HorizonMB MAF! If you get active in the forum you should enjoy it here.

I’m constantly downloading my son MC maps and adding them with Horizon. If you could record a video with him in it he would be sooo happy.

welcome to :smile: btw that link u gave takes us to a page that says this user does not exist

He took down his youtube channel, lol.

Besides. Welcome to Horizon MAF!

hey guys! updated channel link! :smiley:

Welcome I saw your introduction and to be honest don’t gloat about the price of the equipment. I found it on IPtorrents already but I have no interest in it at all. Read the rules and try to be active :smile: