Magic DOTP 2014 Sealed Deck Modding

I wanted to know if anyone could help with trying to Mod this Game. I’m not savvy enough to figure things out, but I tried to gather as Much info As I Could before asking.

It seems the PC community is able to mod entire decks and DLC into the Steam Version of the Game. I found that Putting my Save file from my 360 into Horizon and Extracting the File within, That i get the Same Deck information that i see from the PC counterparts.

What Info I Have:

  • The Save has A Checksum. PC users are using 32-bit FNV-1
  • The Sealed card Pool seems to Have 150 cards
  • It may Be Possible to add addtional Sealed Deck Slots without Purchasing them

I’d try the hash Generator but I don’t know how to Utilize CMD prompt. I will attempt to learn more about the CMD prompt Hash Generator in hopes that it works for 360 saves.

Nevermind Folks, I tried some things and got it to Work. It seems all that’s Necessary is to Extract the File from the CON, Edit, reinsert, and rehash. lol

Wait, how exactly did you do it? And what exactly did you edit?

When You extract the Save.Data File you’ll see your Sealed Decks Name. Shortly after that you’ll see your Cards in Hex format. ex. 32 01 33 01 59 01 . The “01” are cards in your Hand, the “02” are cards in your Pool. the Number before the ones and twos is the Card. I made a full deck of Baloths just to see if it was working. I also have some “FF 00” in there too. I’m going to assume they are place holders until i unlock the booster packs from beating the Sealed Campaign

Can we get a list of know cards and their hex equivalent?

Sure, Found this List extracted from the Steam version of the Game, its all in Demical, just convert the deckOrderID to hex via a hex calculator

<CARD name=“MASTER_OF_DIVERSION_345260” deckOrderId=“0” />
<CARD name=“SENTINEL_SLIVER_349071” deckOrderId=“1” />
<CARD name=“SUNTAIL_HAWK_350211” deckOrderId=“2” />
<CARD name=“GRIFFIN_SENTINEL_345304” deckOrderId=“3” />
<CARD name=“CHARGING_GRIFFIN_345253” deckOrderId=“4” />
<CARD name=“PILLARFIELD_OX_345291” deckOrderId=“5” />
<CARD name=“DAWNSTRIKE_PALADIN_337964” deckOrderId=“6” />
<CARD name=“PACIFISM_348473” deckOrderId=“7” />
<CARD name=“MIGHTY_LEAP_345345” deckOrderId=“8” />
<CARD name=“SOLEMN_OFFERING_345357” deckOrderId=“9” />
<CARD name=“SAFE_PASSAGE_345353” deckOrderId=“10” />
<CARD name=“STAVE_OFF_348515” deckOrderId=“11” />
<CARD name=“MARITIME_GUARD_345318” deckOrderId=“12” />
<CARD name=“TRAINED_CONDOR_357880” deckOrderId=“13” />
<CARD name=“ARCHAEOMANCER_345282” deckOrderId=“14” />
<CARD name=“FAERIE_INVADERS_345286” deckOrderId=“15” />
<CARD name=“HARBOR_SERPENT_345288” deckOrderId=“16” />
<CARD name=“UNSUMMON_350224” deckOrderId=“17” />
<CARD name=“SCROLL_THIEF_349868” deckOrderId=“18” />
<CARD name=“ESSENCE_SCATTER_345285” deckOrderId=“19” />
<CARD name=“DIVINATION_350220” deckOrderId=“20” />
<CARD name=“TRICKS_OF_THE_TRADE_345296” deckOrderId=“21” />
<CARD name=“DISORIENT_345369” deckOrderId=“22” />
<CARD name=“FROST_BREATH_345303” deckOrderId=“23” />
<CARD name=“TORMENTED_SOUL_351061” deckOrderId=“24” />
<CARD name=“RAVENOUS_RATS_350077” deckOrderId=“25” />
<CARD name=“GIANT_SCORPION_345371” deckOrderId=“26” />
<CARD name=“BLOODHUNTER_BAT_345327” deckOrderId=“27” />
<CARD name=“ROTTING_LEGION_350128” deckOrderId=“28” />
<CARD name=“MINOTAUR_ABOMINATION_345270” deckOrderId=“29” />
<CARD name=“TASTE_OF_BLOOD_350232” deckOrderId=“30” />
<CARD name=“MURDER_349841” deckOrderId=“31” />
<CARD name=“ASSASSINATE_345314” deckOrderId=“32” />
<CARD name=“MARK_OF_THE_VAMPIRE_345289” deckOrderId=“33” />
<CARD name=“SIGN_IN_BLOOD_349842” deckOrderId=“34” />
<CARD name=“DISTRESS_345302” deckOrderId=“35” />
<CARD name=“STRIKING_SLIVER_349070” deckOrderId=“36” />
<CARD name=“GOBLIN_SHORTCUTTER_349839” deckOrderId=“37” />
<CARD name=“BLUR_SLIVER_349068” deckOrderId=“38” />
<CARD name=“REGATHAN_FIRECAT_348413” deckOrderId=“39” />
<CARD name=“MARAUDING_MAULHORN_345280” deckOrderId=“40” />
<CARD name=“BONEBREAKER_GIANT_350215” deckOrderId=“41” />
<CARD name=“GOBLIN_WAR_PAINT_345372” deckOrderId=“42” />
<CARD name=“SHOCK_348966” deckOrderId=“43” />
<CARD name=“TECTONIC_RIFT_349870” deckOrderId=“44” />
<CARD name=“SLAUGHTER_CRY_345308” deckOrderId=“45” />
<CARD name=“ACT_OF_TREASON_345326” deckOrderId=“46” />
<CARD name=“TURN_TO_SLAG_369535” deckOrderId=“47” />
<CARD name=“DEADLY_RECLUSE_349837” deckOrderId=“48” />
<CARD name=“BRINDLE_BOAR_345328” deckOrderId=“49” />
<CARD name=“PREDATORY_SLIVER_349078” deckOrderId=“50” />
<CARD name=“RUMBLING_BALOTH_349365” deckOrderId=“51” />
<CARD name=“ADVOCATE_OF_THE_BEAST_345256” deckOrderId=“52” />
<CARD name=“YAVIMAYA_WURM_345323” deckOrderId=“53” />
<CARD name=“FOG_345340” deckOrderId=“54” />
<CARD name=“GIANT_GROWTH_350199” deckOrderId=“55” />
<CARD name=“RAMPANT_GROWTH_348501” deckOrderId=“56” />
<CARD name=“PLUMMET_350231” deckOrderId=“57” />
<CARD name=“OAKENFORM_350249” deckOrderId=“58” />
<CARD name=“HUNT_THE_WEAK_337960” deckOrderId=“59” />
<CARD name=“TERRAMORPHIC_EXPANSE_349017” deckOrderId=“60” />
<CARD name=“WAR_PRIEST_OF_THUNE_345366” deckOrderId=“61” />
<CARD name=“SPIRIT_MANTLE_345358” deckOrderId=“62” />
<CARD name=“ROC_EGG_345351” deckOrderId=“63” />
<CARD name=“HEALER_OF_THE_PRIDE_337950” deckOrderId=“64” />
<CARD name=“SERRA_ANGEL_345354” deckOrderId=“65” />
<CARD name=“STAFF_OF_THE_SUN_MAGUS_350100” deckOrderId=“66” />
<CARD name=“FIEND_HUNTER_337856” deckOrderId=“67” />
<CARD name=“CONDEMN_369531” deckOrderId=“68” />
<CARD name=“WHITE_KNIGHT_369521” deckOrderId=“69” />
<CARD name=“TURN_TO_FROG_345311” deckOrderId=“70” />
<CARD name=“SLEEP_337899” deckOrderId=“71” />
<CARD name=“PHANTASMAL_DRAGON_349229” deckOrderId=“72” />
<CARD name=“BELLTOWER_SPHINX_345301” deckOrderId=“73” />
<CARD name=“GLIMPSE_THE_FUTURE_369536” deckOrderId=“74” />
<CARD name=“STAFF_OF_THE_MIND_MAGUS_350095” deckOrderId=“75” />
<CARD name=“SWITCHEROO_369534” deckOrderId=“76” />
<CARD name=“MASTER_THIEF_350230” deckOrderId=“77” />
<CARD name=“FOG_BANK_369525” deckOrderId=“78” />
<CARD name=“COWER_IN_FEAR_350103” deckOrderId=“79” />
<CARD name=“VAMPIRE_NIGHTHAWK_369527” deckOrderId=“80” />
<CARD name=“SENGIR_VAMPIRE_345379” deckOrderId=“81” />
<CARD name=“RISE_FROM_THE_GRAVE_349270” deckOrderId=“82” />
<CARD name=“PUBLIC_EXECUTION_345348” deckOrderId=“83” />
<CARD name=“STAFF_OF_THE_DEATH_MAGUS_350094” deckOrderId=“84” />
<CARD name=“GRAVEDIGGER_369532” deckOrderId=“85” />
<CARD name=“BLACK_KNIGHT_369530” deckOrderId=“86” />
<CARD name=“DIABOLIC_TUTOR_369523” deckOrderId=“87” />
<CARD name=“MOLTEN_BIRTH_345259” deckOrderId=“88” />
<CARD name=“EARTH_SERVANT_349867” deckOrderId=“89” />
<CARD name=“CLEAVER_RIOT_345382” deckOrderId=“90” />
<CARD name=“FIRE_SERVANT_348918” deckOrderId=“91” />
<CARD name=“VOLCANIC_GEYSER_345365” deckOrderId=“92” />
<CARD name=“STAFF_OF_THE_FLAME_MAGUS_350098” deckOrderId=“93” />
<CARD name=“VOLCANIC_DRAGON_350225” deckOrderId=“94” />
<CARD name=“FLAMES_OF_THE_FIREBRAND_337860” deckOrderId=“95” />
<CARD name=“YOUNG_PYROMANCER_369538” deckOrderId=“96” />
<CARD name=“ACIDIC_SLIME_349281” deckOrderId=“97” />
<CARD name=“GARRUKS_PACKLEADER_350198” deckOrderId=“98” />
<CARD name=“ENLARGE_350235” deckOrderId=“99” />
<CARD name=“PRIZED_UNICORN_345320” deckOrderId=“100” />
<CARD name=“WINDSTORM_345380” deckOrderId=“101” />
<CARD name=“STAFF_OF_THE_WILD_MAGUS_345267” deckOrderId=“102” />
<CARD name=“BRIARPACK_ALPHA_369522” deckOrderId=“103” />
<CARD name=“DUSKDALE_WURM_369524” deckOrderId=“104” />
<CARD name=“MWONVULI_BEAST_TRACKER_369533” deckOrderId=“105” />
<CARD name=“SWIFTFOOT_BOOTS_348483” deckOrderId=“106” />
<CARD name=“LEONIN_SCIMITAR_349366” deckOrderId=“107” />
<CARD name=“ELIXIR_OF_IMMORTALITY_345336” deckOrderId=“108” />
<CARD name=“CRUMBLING_COLOSSUS_349943” deckOrderId=“109” />
<CARD name=“KITE_SHIELD_348513” deckOrderId=“110” />
<CARD name=“PHYREXIAN_HULK_345290” deckOrderId=“111” />
<CARD name=“AEGIS_ANGEL_349255” deckOrderId=“112” />
<CARD name=“DAY_OF_JUDGMENT_357756” deckOrderId=“113” />
<CARD name=“HONOR_OF_THE_PURE_349257” deckOrderId=“114” />
<CARD name=“INDESTRUCTIBILITY_349259” deckOrderId=“115” />
<CARD name=“ANGELIC_ARBITER_349258” deckOrderId=“116” />
<CARD name=“MIND_SPRING_345374” deckOrderId=“117” />
<CARD name=“DJINN_OF_WISHES_351076” deckOrderId=“118” />
<CARD name=“REDIRECT_345292” deckOrderId=“119” />
<CARD name=“CLONE_345332” deckOrderId=“120” />
<CARD name=“VOID_STALKER_345298” deckOrderId=“121” />
<CARD name=“HYPNOTIC_SPECTER_345373” deckOrderId=“122” />
<CARD name=“DIABOLIC_REVELATION_345333” deckOrderId=“123” />
<CARD name=“NIGHTMARE_349014” deckOrderId=“124” />
<CARD name=“RUNESCARRED_DEMON_348964” deckOrderId=“125” />
<CARD name=“GRIM_RETURN_369537” deckOrderId=“126” />
<CARD name=“AWAKEN_THE_ANCIENT_345255” deckOrderId=“127” />
<CARD name=“FIREWING_PHOENIX_345339” deckOrderId=“128” />
<CARD name=“DESTRUCTIVE_FORCE_345317” deckOrderId=“129” />
<CARD name=“SHIVAN_DRAGON_345355” deckOrderId=“130” />
<CARD name=“EARTHQUAKE_348914” deckOrderId=“131” />
<CARD name=“PROTEAN_HYDRA_345321” deckOrderId=“132” />
<CARD name=“DUNGROVE_ELDER_348462” deckOrderId=“133” />
<CARD name=“SILKLASH_SPIDER_345356” deckOrderId=“134” />
<CARD name=“OVERWHELMING_STAMPEDE_345319” deckOrderId=“135” />
<CARD name=“MIGHT_OF_OAKS_345252” deckOrderId=“136” />
<CARD name=“BRITTLE_EFFIGY_345315” deckOrderId=“137” />
<CARD name=“JINXED_IDOL_349295” deckOrderId=“138” />
<CARD name=“DOOR_TO_NOTHINGNESS_345284” deckOrderId=“139” />
<CARD name=“RING_OF_THREE_WISHES_350099” deckOrderId=“140” />
<CARD name=“ARCHANGEL_OF_THUNE_345254” deckOrderId=“141” />
<CARD name=“ANGELIC_DESTINY_349012” deckOrderId=“142” />
<CARD name=“WINDREADER_SPHINX_345276” deckOrderId=“143” />
<CARD name=“TIME_WARP_345362” deckOrderId=“144” />
<CARD name=“XATHRID_DEMON_345381” deckOrderId=“145” />
<CARD name=“GRAVE_TITAN_348929” deckOrderId=“146” />
<CARD name=“SCOURGE_OF_VALKAS_345268” deckOrderId=“147” />
<CARD name=“INFERNO_TITAN_348935” deckOrderId=“148” />
<CARD name=“PRIMORDIAL_HYDRA_351077” deckOrderId=“149” />
<CARD name=“GAEAS_REVENGE_345341” deckOrderId=“150” />

Thanks for the help

Hello Magnum Marker

One question how do you open the Save file?
THX for reply

Any hex editing program

hxd , if that doesn’t work , google

I have a copy Of Hex Workshop I’m sure if you google for one, it’ll show up.

Hello Magnum… Add cards works… but have you found more card id´s because only 150 sealed is not much. i try to find the Campain cards but no success until now…

hey i have tried doing th modding myself but it dosent seem to work
is there anyway of a video tutorial and a full list of all the cards from the game or even just a game save editor to make your own decks on sealed or even like the mods on the pc version

I believe they have Limited the amount of cards in Sealed Play on Purpose. Otherwise, we’d have the chance to run our own versions of Eldrazi decks or create ridiculous card combinations.I wish the full card list from Standard was available.

XXSE has a full editor for the sealed mode. Also lets you unlock all the sealed slots.

There are definitely only 151 cards you can use in sealed mode. Using IDs > 151 don’t do anything, they’re treated like empty slots, it seems.

BTW, here’s my list of cards available in sealed mode, which has a little more info than just the names:

[details=Open Me]0x00: Master of Diversions | (2W) Creature - Human Scout 2/2 [C]
0x01: Sentinel Sliver | (1W) Creature - Sliver 2/2 [C]
0x02: Suntail Hawk | (W) Creature - Bird 1/1 [C]
0x03: Griffin Sentinel | (2W) Creature - Griffin 1/3 [C]
0x04: Charging Griffin | (3W) Creature - Griffin 2/2 [C]
0x05: Pillarfield Ox | (3W) Creature - Ox 2/4 [C]
0x06: Dawnstrike Paladin | (3WW) Creature - Human Knight 2/4 [C]
0x07: Pacifism | (1W) Enchantment - Aura [C]
0x08: Mighty Leap | (1W) Instant [C]
0x09: Solemn Offering | (2W) Sorcery [C]
0x0A: Safe Passage | (2W) Instant [C]
0x0B: Stave Off | W Instant [C]
0x0C: Maritime Guard | 1U Creature - Merfolk Soldier 1/3 [C]
0x0D: Trained Condor | 2U Creature - Bird 2/1 [C]
0x0E: Archaeomancer | 2UU Creature - Human Wizard 1/2 [C]
0x0F: Faerie Invaders | 4U Creature - Faerie Rogue 3/3 [C]
0x10: Harbor Serpent | 4UU Creature - Serpent 5/5 [C]
0x11: Unsummon | U Instant [C]
0x12: Scroll Thief | 2U Creature - Merfolk Rogue 1/3 [C]
0x13: Essence Scatter | 1U Instant [C]
0x14: Divination | 2U Sorcery [C]
0x15: Tricks of the Trade | 3U Enchantment - Aura [C]
0x16: Disorient | 3U Instant [C]
0x17: Frost Breath | 2U Instant [C]
0x18: Tormented Soul | B Creature - Spirit 1/1 [C]
0x19: Ravenous Rats | 1B Creature - Rat 1/1 [C]
0x1A: Giant Scorpion | 2B Creature - Scorpion 1/3 [C]
0x1B: Bloodhunter Bat | 3B Creature - Bat 2/2 [C]
0x1C: Rotting Legion | 4B Creature - Zombie 4/5 [C]
0x1D: Minotaur Abomination | 4BB Creature - Zombie Minotaur 4/6 [C]
0x1E: Taste of Blood | B Sorcery [C]
0x1F: Murder | 1BB Instant [C]
0x20: Assassinate | 2B Sorcery [C]
0x21: Mark of the Vampire | 3B Creature - Bat 2/2 [C]
0x22: Sign in Blood | BB Sorcery [C]
0x23: Distress | BB Sorcery [C]
0x24: Striking Sliver | R Creature - Sliver 1/1 [C]
0x25: Goblin Shortcutter | 1R Creature - Goblin Scout 2/1 [C]
0x26: Blur Sliver | 2R Creature - Sliver 2/2 [C]
0x27: Regathan Firecat | 2R Creature - Elemental Cat 4/1 [C]
0x28: Marauding Maulhorn | 2RR Creature - Beast 5/3 [C]
0x29: Bonebreaker Giant | 4R Creature - Giant 4/4 [C]
0x2A: Goblin War Paint | 1R Enchantment - Aura [C]
0x2B: Shock | R Instant [C]
0x2C: Tectonic Rift | 3R Sorcery [C]
0x2D: Slaughter Cry | 2R Instant [C]
0x2E: Act of Treason | 2R Sorcery [C]
0x2F: Turn to Slag | 3RR Sorcery [C]
0x30: Deadly Recluse | 1G Creature - Spider 1/2 [C]
0x31: Brindle Boar | 2G Creature - Boar 2/2 [C]
0x32: Predatory Sliver | 1G Creature - Sliver 1/1 [C]
0x33: Rumbling Baloth | 2GG Creature - Beast 4/4 [C]
0x34: Advocate of the Beast | 2G Creature - Elf Shaman 2/3 [C]
0x35: Yavimaya Wurm | 4GG Creature - Wurm 6/4 [C]
0x36: Fog | G Instant [C]
0x37: Giant Growth | G Instant [C]
0x38: Rampant Growth | 1G Sorcery [C]
0x39: Plummet | 1G Instant [C]
0x3A: Oakenform | 2G Enchantment - Aura [C]
0x3B: Hunt the Weak | 3G Sorcery [C]
0x3C: Terramorphic Expanse | 0 Land [C]
0x3D: War Priest of Thune | 1W Creature - Human Cleric 2/2 [u]0x3E: Spirit Mantle | 1W Enchantment - Aura [u]0x3F: Roc Egg | 2W Creature - Bird 0/3 [u]0x40: Healer of the Pride | 3W Creature - Cat Cleric 2/3 [u]0x41: Serra Angel | 3WW Creature - Angel 4/4 [u]0x42: Staff of the Sun Magus | 3 Artifact [u]0x43: Fiend Hunter | 1WW Creature - Human Cleric 1/3 [u]0x44: Condemn | W Instant [u]0x45: White Knight | WW Creature - Human Knight 2/2 [u]0x46: Turn to Frog | 1U Instant [u]0x47: Sleep | 2UU Sorcery [u]0x48: Phantasmal Dragon | 2UU Creature - Dragon Illusion 5/5 [u]0x49: Belltower Sphinx | 4U Creature - Sphinx 2/5 [u]0x4A: Glimpse the Future | 2U Sorcery [u]0x4B: Staff of the Mind Magus | 3 Artifact [u]0x4C: Switcheroo | 4U Sorcery [u]0x4D: Master Thief | 2UU Creature - Human Rogue 2/2 [u]0x4E: Fog Bank | 1U Creature - Wall 0/2 [u]0x4F: Cower in Fear | 1BB Instant [u]0x50: Vampire Nighthawk | 1BB Creature - Vampire Shaman 2/3 [u]0x51: Sengir Vampire | 3BB Creature - Vampire 4/4 [u]0x52: Rise from the Grave | 4B Sorcery [u]0x53: Public Execution | 5B Instant [u]0x54: Staff of the Death Magus | 3 Artifact [u]0x55: Gravedigger | 3B Creature - Zombie 2/2 [u]0x56: Black Knight | BB Creature - Human Knight 2/2 [u]0x57: Diabolic Tutor | 2BB Sorcery [u]0x58: Molten Birth | 1RR Sorcery [u]0x59: Earth Servant | 5R Creature - Elemental 4/4 [u]0x5A: Cleaver Riot | 4R Sorcery [u]0x5B: Fire Servant | 3RR Creature - Elemental 4/3 [u]0x5C: Volcanic Geyser | XRR Instant [u]0x5D: Staff of the Flame Magus | 3 Artifact [u]0x5E: Volcanic Dragon | 4RR Creature - Dragon 4/4 [u]0x5F: Flames of the Firebrand | 2R Sorcery [u]0x60: Young Pyromancer | 1R Creature - Human Shaman 2/1 [u]0x61: Acidic Slime | 3GG Creature - Ooze 2/2 [u]0x62: Garruk’s Packleader | 4G Creature - Beast 4/4 [u]0x63: Enlarge | 3GG Sorcery [u]0x64: Prized Unicorn | 3G Creature - Unicorn 2/2 [u]0x65: Windstorm | XG Instant [u]0x66: Staff of the Wild Magus | 3 Artifact [u]0x67: Briarpack Alpha | 3G Creature - Wolf 3/3 [u]0x68: Duskdale Wurm | 5GG Creature - Wurm 7/7 [u]0x69: Mwonvuli Beast Tracker | 1GG Creature - Human Scout 2/1 [u]0x6A: Swiftfoot Boots | 2 Artifact - Equipment [u]0x6B: Leonin Scimitar | 1 Artifact - Equipment [u]0x6C: Elixir of Immortality | 1 Artifact [u]0x6D: Crumbling Colossus | 5 Artifact Creature - Golem 7/4 [u]0x6E: Kite Shield | 0 Artifact - Equipment [u]0x6F: Phyrexian Hulk | 6 Artifact Creature - Golem 5/4 [u]0x70: Aegis Angel | 4WW Creature - Angel 5/5 [R]
0x71: Day of Judgment | 2WW Sorcery [R]
0x72: Honor of the Pure | 1W Enchantment [R]
0x73: Indestructibility | 3W Enchantment - Aura [R]
0x74: Angelic Arbiter | 5WW Creature - Angel 5/6 [R]
0x75: Mind Spring | XUU Sorcery [R]
0x76: Djinn of Wishes | 3UU Creature - Djinn 4/4 [R]
0x77: Redirect | UU Instant [R]
0x78: Clone | 3U Creature - Shapeshifter 0/0 [R]
0x79: Void Stalker | 1U Creature - Elemental 2/1 [R]
0x7A: Hypnotic Specter | 1BB Creature - Specter 2/2 [R]
0x7B: Diabolic Revelation | X3BB Sorcery [R]
0x7C: Nightmare | 5B Creature - Nightmare Horse / [R]
0x7D: Rune-Scarred Demon | 5BB Creature - Demon 6/6 [R]
0x7E: Grim Return | 2B Instant [R]
0x7F: Awaken the Ancient | 1RRR Enchantment - Aura [R]
0x80: Firewing Phoenix | 3R Creature - Phoenix 4/2 [R]
0x81: Destructive Force | 5RR Sorcery [R]
0x82: Shivan Dragon | 4RR Creature - Dragon 5/5 [R]
0x83: Earthquake | XR Sorcery [R]
0x84: Protean Hydra | XG Creature - Hydra 0/0 [R]
0x85: Dungrove Elder | 2G Creature - Treefolk / [R]
0x86: Silklash Spider | 3GG Creature - Spider 2/7 [R]
0x87: Overwhelming Stampede | 3GG Sorcery [R]
0x88: Might of Oaks | 3G Instant [R]
0x89: Brittle Effigy | 1 Artifact [R]
0x8A: Jinxed Idol | 2 Artifact [R]
0x8B: Door to Nothingness | 5 Artifact [R]
0x8C: Ring of Three Wishes | 5 Artifact [video]
0x8D: Archangel of Thune | 3WW Creature - Angel 3/4 [video]
0x8E: Angelic Destiny | 2WW Enchantment - Aura [video]
0x8F: Windreader Sphinx | 5UU Creature - Sphinx 3/7 [video]
0x90: Time Warp | 3UU Sorcery [video]
0x91: Xathrid Demon | 3BBB Creature - Demon 7/7 [video]
0x92: Grave Titan | 4BB Creature - Giant 6/6 [video]
0x93: Scourge of Valkas | 2RRR Creature - Dragon 4/4 [video]
0x94: Inferno Titan | 4RR Creature - Giant 6/6 [video]
0x95: Primordial Hydra | XGG Creature - Hydra 0/0 [video]
0x96: Gaea’s Revenge | 5GG Creature - Elemental 8/5 [video]

And what exactly did you edit?

I can’t figure out the hash. Is there a salt or something? When I hash using fnv32 I get a different result…

So I’ve tried using XXSE to mod my sealed deck so its not a load of ****, and I’ve also tried just open it with a hex editor and doing it like that, but using XXSE doesn’t change anything and with I hex edit manually it doesn’t like inject it back into the save. Anyone got any fixes?