Magicraft Cheats and Trainer for Steam

can you very pretty please gut and bleed the elders so i may upgrade my drip? +7 per run is annoying me and crystals are now important for reroll runs. Also respect for your Ubisoft work cuz ive been enjoying your hard work for months thnx G

Hello mod maker, now this mod has some bugs for the game version, if the game is launched through the mod, it will automatically make the monster health at least 10 times more, and the attack power bonus does not work.

The Magicraft cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
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Hello mod creator, thank you for your update. I played a game using mods, but the monsters were still difficult to defeat. So, I tried the damage multiplier
In the end, I found that if I started the game through the mod, the actual damage I dealt was fixed to0.5 (regardless of the displayed value on the screen, only 0.5 HP would be deducted if the monster was hit), but the damage multiplier option was effective, which would increase the actual health deducted by the monster. For example, if my screen showed 20 damage but only 0.5 HP would be deducted, if I set the damage multiplier to 20, it would still show 20 damage but deduct 10 HP

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