Make a Fear&Hunger trainer

Hi, I’ve recently bought Fear&Hunger a not very known RPG indie adventure game but very good and I saw there was no Trainer! the game can get very hard and its a lot of tries and error so I was wondering if we could possibly add it to the Queue or boost it for those who have the game and wish to play with WeMod

Hello there! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your suggestion. And for supporting WeMod by going Pro.

Trainers are made at WeMod if there is enough interest amongst WeModders in that game.

  • When WeMod detects that enough WeModders own the game, it gets added to the WeMod library.

  • The game will appear in the development queue (which you can see in the WeMod desktop app) if it continues to be popular within the WeMod community.

  • Search for the game in the WeMod desktop app. Select the result and then click the “notify me” button. You will then be updated on the trainer’s development.