Make a probe

Some people are buying probes, while not exspensive, if youre like me you dont want to wait for delivery or maybe you dont have a few $.

So lets just make one.

What do you need|?

1;A xbox 360 disc drive power cable
Can be the one from your console or a spare one, can be for one use and then reused with console or spare kept as probe.

2;A piece of wire of decent gauge (thickness) think something that runs 5v+ like an old phone charger or a earth/ground wire from a electrical cable like laptop charger or whatever./ make it about 500mm or as long as you think you will need to have one end connected to xbox drive power cable and other end probe the bottom of the disc drives PCB.

3;A switch, simply a switch which can connect/disconnect a connection between a cable.
I used a on/offf switch from a handheld fan, but you can get switches from a lot of things, like the switches on the back of playstations/desktops or lamps/lights, a socket witch, any switch that can be flicked on and off manually.

4: A small slim pointed conductive pin like piece of metal such as a nail, sewing pin or whatever you have at hand that is slim enough to touch its point off the one solder point you need to probe without hitting others.

5; OPTIONAL solder for connections…tape/shrink wrap to cover connections…a scissors or knife or lighter to strip connection ends… (I wrapped and twisted cble around connections and used a vise grips to compress it together securely.


1;remove some covering on the middle of the cable of number 5 of drives power cable.
You dont cut the cable just make it so the middle of the ground cable is bare and not insulated.

Wrap one end of your cut piece of wire (number 2 on item list) around the bare cable and solder it or tape it if you want.

Wrap the other end of the cut wire (item number 2 on list) around your pointy metal pin like item (item number 4 on list) and solder or tape if you want.

Solder or tape is not completely necessary just better the important thing is that everything is touching and secure and will conduct electricity without interruption.

2; cut wire number 6 in half and connect each end to one side of the switch so that you can stop/allow power though wire number 6 as you wish.

Congratulations you now should have a functioning probe.
All it does is allow you to switch off/on the drives power and ground the solder point you probe when required.


To test if your switch works or what position its in (on/off) just connect it up to the xbox, if the switch is off when you power up 360 or you turn it off when its already on the 360,s lights will flash green continuously until you turn 360 off.

If you get probe failed in jungleflasher be sure you are continuously touching the right point with probe and keeping a steady hand and that all connections are good and try again and again till it works, if it just wont work rebuild with different pin or different ground cable.

(German with english subs)

If you want to know how to actually use the probe and flash watch the below video.