Make console games support

My suggestion for WeMod is to make trainers for console games, and platforms will be the emulators they run on. (You can link the emulator by choosing an EXE file of the emulator)

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Which consoles are you referring to?

  • Xbox 360 - we already have a cheating tool for that: WeMod - Horizon.

  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X are currently impossible to mod.
    Microsoft is offering a reward of thousands to anyone who can successfully hack either of these consoles and nobody has claimed either one.

  • Playstation 3 is moddable but it takes a lot of skill and hassle to do so. A large community for PS3 modding already exists elsewhere and PS3 is just not likely to popular enough anymore to be economically viable for WeMod to make cheats for it now.

  • Playstation 4 is moddable to an extent. But there is already a huge modding community out there that WeMod is probably a bit too late on the hype train now, especially since PS4’s popularity is slowly declining due to the release of PS5.

  • Playstation 5 is currently not moddable. Like Xbox One/Series X, nobody has figured out how to hack the PS5 yet, and, according to the people responsible for the PS4 cheating service, PS5 probably never will be.


You can do whatever you can. Like retro consoles (or even rom modifier)

I mean, you can still play certain games on ps4 or certain ps5 games come up with the ps4 version like elden ring for example and I was watching a video of a guy using a trainer and applying it to its saved data, but you had to do it for the ps4 version and then you could move on to the ps5 version. Of course, like people in we mod recommend, use the trainer offline.

Anyways. I saw it and I was thinking on WeMod, I wish something like that was up in the market. I was gonna do the thing I watched in the YouTube video, however, I am not willing to pay up to 60 dollars for a trainer, at least not again, I am fine with weMod.

Let’s not necromance dead threads from years ago, please. :slight_smile: