[Making Trainer] Undying

Hello the Devs and the beautiful community :slight_smile:

I’ve played to this game and really enjoying it :star_struck:

I’ve just some request to make things easier if you put a trainer on it, just to simplify the game play mechanics :dart:

I’m explaining myself, I’m using Cheat Engine and cheat easily with it

So I’m sure, someone of your team makes a trainer in a blink of an eye for this game and simplifies the gameplay to many users of this game

I know I’m throwing a bottle to the ocean just because I’ve success with Cheat engine myself…so for you, that’s a piece of cake :smiley: :muscle:

Great day everyone :pray:


look at my gun and ammo, it’s like infinite but limitless because I can’t do the great job you do :blush:

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How did you get cheat codes? This game is so hard on easy mode

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I wish they would create a trainer for Undying. It’s a great game.

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By editing my save file with notepad :yum:
But maybe a update make that impossible today :slight_smile: