Making Xbox Downloads Faster?

anyone have good ideas on how to make xbox downloads faster?

It’s coming from their server’s. Only way would be to get a faster internet connection.

There is simply no way, why what’s your problem?

I thought the MS server were pretty cool.
I mean i download content from them with a reasonable dl speed

no way to make faster depends on internet speed

oh just cause the Halo Reach beta took forever and the black ops download for first strike took about 1 hour 45 minutes

Since its based off of your connect then I am assuming you would need to upgrade your internet, or get a VPN (Visual Private Network). Your choice, I recommend getting your internet upgraded, but if that is not possible then I recommend VPN.

You could shut down your computers do all the internet goes to your xbox.

well port forwarding helps a little, what also helps is having only your xbox using the internet connection in your house, but other than that just get a better internet

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