Malware, AdWare and Spyware in the horizonmb installer

Hi there,

I strongly recommend that no one download or install HorizonMB

I see that there is another thread on this. I would reply there to add my voice to this problem, but it has been closed.

In the past week I’ve downloaded HorizonMB direct from the download link on the home page of this site to two different PCs in order to try and transfer my son’s minecraft world from the PC to the XBox. The first time on the first computer I tried a bunch of different apps, so thought it could have been anything. Second time, I onlydownloaded HorizonMB from here, from the big green button on the home page. I did not download a CNET installer.

Running the installer starts a download tool of some kind and subsequently installs Horizon along with crime watch adware, another ad/spyware and a couple of browser plugins as well.

If you say that the installer doesn’t install anything other than HorizonMB, then I say to you that your website has been compromised and the installer is not the one that you put there.

I urge the folks that run this site and create the software to take this message extremely seriously.

You must prevent anyone else from downloading the software with effect immediately until you have resolved the issue. I will happily test a new download for you when you have assured yourselves that your web server is secured and the installer is entirely valid.

I would also recommend that you check to make sure that the database for this forum has not been compromised.

Thank you for your time and the urgency with which you address this very serious issue.

Horizon does not contain any malware, the installer on the other hand may install various third-party software that may contain malware, etc. In the installation package, there are options for both custom and advanced installation, this is where you can choose to not have the extra software installed alongside Horizon. This should solve the problems that you have been experiencing, and I am sorry for this confusion and any trouble that it may have caused.

Custom / Advanced options do not always work within CNET installers which (when that occurs) will install said content regardless of your options chosen. There is a real link to Horizon, but for some reason it is not used on the main site page despite everyone knowing how terrible of a website CNET is.

Here is the correct download link minus all the adware and other CNET garbage:

Sorry, but as much as I hate installers like that, that is just plain false. You may think you are choosing the right option but aren’t. You need to be very careful with installers like that but there is alwaysan option for you to choose not to install the other software bundled with it. Somewhere in the process, you have to agree to install the other software. It may be hidden but I can pretty much guarantee it’s there because otherwise the software provider will get in some nasty legal trouble. I know particularly in Canada, not sure about U.S.

I don’t think CNET installer works like that. I used to download Mugen character files using CNET, and even though I decline the extras, it still installed them. They’re not anything major, but they are annoying and a waste of time to keep removing the programs.

Never said it happens all the time…I actually said "when that occurs."
Just because something doesn’t happen all the time does not mean that it never happens, and I have seen it happen on multiple occasions.

CNET is a terrible website and one that pretty much promotes spyware, adware, and malware with its software “bundles.” I am surprised that websites like that are even allowed to exist.

Cheater… seriously. Sort this.

The installer is basically another way to fund the site, it is very simple to actually read what you are installing and you can decline the other offers. I have seen threads like this posted previously in the past and they always end up turning into a rant, which is unneeded.