Malware put on computer from this site when downloaded

im not using avast but I am using webroot internet security and until today I had no threats detected until I tried to download horizon directly from this site so I could get a modded shield for borderlands 2. well webroot stopped me part way through the process because it said the download process put around 15 malware and third-party related threats on my computer and it froze the download in place so I have to use taskmanager to abort it. my webroot sub is expired so the threats are still there. why is this happeneing?

Horizon is not malware, it’s just that some anti-virus programs think it is, just turn your anti-virus off then download Horizon.

It isn’t horizon that contains adware but the CNET installer. Download horizon from here:

It should fix any and all issues that arise due to the cnet installer.

boy I sure hope your right. im trying your link right now. im just worried it wont work.

No need to worry the link Chris provided is only the Horizon installer. Your Antivirus or Firewall shouldn’t have any issues with it at all.

Always remember to read what you’re installing. The CNET installer asks you to install like 8 different programs aside from Horizon. If you read what they are, you can decline most of them until you get to the Horizon part. The link Chris provided is safe, though.

Why isn’t a direct, malware free download given on the download page?

It’s crap that you guys have an installer that you know installs malware…

It helps make the website money, would you rather there not be a HorizonMB? I know that there is many other ways the website makes money, Diamond purchases, Ads, etc, but hosting isn’t free.

You’re right.

Possibly causing infected systems is ok if it makes the site money.

Settle down boys… I’ve never had a malware/spyware issue when downloading Horizon. Just made sure to decline everything.

I don’t agree with it so I don’t know why you are putting words in my mouth, I am just telling you why there is a CNET Installer in the Horizon download file. I would like the site to make money from Ads and Diamond purchases only I think it would be better and it would diminish many of the problems that get reported with Antiviruses and Firewalls not allowing the file to download because it detects the CNET Installer that installs like 8 other programs that are malware and adware.

EDIT: Uzi pretty much summed it up if you pay attention and read what you are downloading you can decline all the other unneeded programs that you get if you don’t decline. This thread has gone on long enough the original question has been answered so I am going to close this before an argument starts.