Maneater Cheats and Trainer for Steam

when i use the cheats for like 30 minutes or more idk it just crashes

and also the adding 500 xp and stuff doesnt work pls fix them both

I hope @STiNGERR is ok, they haven’t done any updates for any game in the queue for a week now.

I have the Apex Edition and One-Hit Kills and Unlimited Health worked yesterday 9Sept21 but none of the others work. I am sure an update is needed and will happen in the next couple weeks.

when the hell is the update

The Maneater cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

kickass thanks

adding 500 xp don’t not work

problem was resolved. thanks wemod. :slight_smile:

exp+ doesnt work for the dlc for me

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It seems like the ‘Add 500 XP’ mod no longer works after installing the ‘Maneater: Truth Quest’ DLC. Would be nice to see it fixed!

I am only playing the base game. The unlimited health and oxygen works fine, but when activating the one-hit kill, it seems to crash the game for me after a short period of time. This has happened continuously after activating one-hit kill. Would be awesome if this could be updated please.

Please update the game and add Multipliers like Fling did

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很久沒更新了 修改都無法使用…

Just got the game on Steam, so whatever the latest version is, this trainer isn’t working for it whatsoever. Not even unlimited health will work, unlimited O2 won’t even tick on. :frowning: (also could be the DLC making it not work as well. Sucks because I fell in love with this game in minutes)

I would like to suggest a mod. So here’s a couple ideas a button that maxes out the area you’re
in and maybe like a teleport to landmark button idk Hope you see this

Game will not open with mods. Please update.

I bought the apex version and it didn’t work so I refunded it and got the normal version and it still won’t even eject the mods. Please fix this.