Maneater Cheats and Trainer for Steam

when i use the cheats for like 30 minutes or more idk it just crashes

and also the adding 500 xp and stuff doesnt work pls fix them both

I hope @STiNGERR is ok, they haven’t done any updates for any game in the queue for a week now.

I have the Apex Edition and One-Hit Kills and Unlimited Health worked yesterday 9Sept21 but none of the others work. I am sure an update is needed and will happen in the next couple weeks.

when the hell is the update

The Maneater cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

kickass thanks

adding 500 xp don’t not work

problem was resolved. thanks wemod. :slight_smile:

exp+ doesnt work for the dlc for me

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It seems like the ‘Add 500 XP’ mod no longer works after installing the ‘Maneater: Truth Quest’ DLC. Would be nice to see it fixed!

I am only playing the base game. The unlimited health and oxygen works fine, but when activating the one-hit kill, it seems to crash the game for me after a short period of time. This has happened continuously after activating one-hit kill. Would be awesome if this could be updated please.

Please update the game and add Multipliers like Fling did

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很久沒更新了 修改都無法使用…