Map minecraft xbox 360 + Download

Ma ville minecraft xbox 360 édition + download ( visite rapide ) - YouTube

Hello, sorry i’m french.
Here is my world which I give so that you continue her(it) in your way and of you amuse above, I hope that she(it) will please you and saddened for the quality of the image and the sound.

Link download : Save20120509232323.bin

Or :


Well you have some fantastic english, anyone have a VS?

You don’t need a VS for a gamesave.

~Insert generic term here thats popular on Youtube to make the video creator feel like ****.

@OP nice save, video was perfectly legible.

Well you have some fantastic english

Very Nice Save in that video.

Sick. Thanks.

I’m just going to edit this and say that his youtube video doesn’t even show
a fraction of whats in his world. Its amazing. He’s worked hard on this one.
Everyone should give this a download.

Bumping this again. World was so sick I couldn’t forget it. Anyone know if he continued to build/updated this world yet? I need to download a more updated if he’s made one. Sick download.

Well you have some fantastic english

Well you have some fantastic english, anyone have a VS?

This is really awesome i hope he makes another one :confused:

awesome map thanks for the upload (wouldn’t wanna know how many hours…). also check the other map on valouzzz’ channel, great starting point if you wanna do a survival series. not as many sweet buildings as this map but still amazing autos on it. :thumbsup:

Bonjour :stuck_out_tongue: (Im taking French this semester) anyways thanks! :smiley:

how do i download a map to my xbox

Awesome world!

somone give me some minecraft xbox360 maps to download only ones that work please

Cool world might download it to play with friends. :smile: