Marvel Ultimate Alliance Mod Tool?

Hello Again Everybody. I am looking for a mod tool for marvel ultimate alliance. I know this game is old, but I still want to mod it just for the fun of it. I would like to have stuff like infinite health, infinite mana, and all characters. If you can find a tool, that would be great because I have been looking all over the net for a mod tool/modded gamesave and still haven’t found one. Please help.

Could you upload a save and post some values? Like money stats, or really any number above 255 that is relevant to your save.

how do i upload a savE? <---- Newbie :confused:

Take the save off your device and just upload it to a file hosting site, like Mediafire

Marvel Save here is a link to my save.

Could you post some values, like money or something?

Money: 3019
Level of characters:5
that is all i could find, if there was a way for you to mod my stats, that would be great.

Try this Save, should have 9999 money

UppIT - Free File Sharing - Marvel Save

Try this. Your money should now be 2147483647. Make sure that you rehash/resign though or else it won’t work. Tell me if works or not.

Edit: TooMuchSweat is a hacker.

what do you mean he is a hacker?

It was sarcasm, I’m not a hacker…

He just beat me to it, lol.

Edit: He beat me once again, lol.

It says “Load A Game” whenever I try to open the save on the game.

There must be a checksum or something verifying the save.

I guess so. how do I do thaT?

I am looking into it, but I doubt I’ll figure it out, I’m not that good at that. I may download the game and look into later.

Alright. Thanks anyways.

Hang on I found 2 not 1 gimme a few

There are plenty for 2, just none for 1.

just rename the file from “Marvel Save” to muasave1,2,3,4, etc., and it should work like a charm.