Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Trainer

I have requested that this trainer would be made due to applying points, however me personally would gladly paypal to have this and final fantasy xv windows version for both games made into a trainer if I can.

Marvel vs Capcom has 17/1,189 required points. FF XV will be looked into as soon as a cheats creator gets time.

Thanks very much for the quick reply. Will the trainers be used for the Windows Store version?

If it is available on steam it will likely be made for that. That decision is up to whoever makes the trainer.

Yeah it was released for steam last year sometime, however the windows store version was released today so I thought it would of been for that version. Same as the FFXV trainer.

I dont make trainers but can send u my pay pal.

Ffxvxvxvxv is priority so expect a day one trainer if they allow preload. Steam only, after doing a dozen windows store games i realised barely anyone uses those trainers and the majority uses steam which turns out to be a waste of my time. If winstore version gets funded that’s a different story

Idk about the other game.

That I understand it’s just that I play for achievements so I was hoping a trainer be made for the windows store version as well.