Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Cheats seem to make the game unstable as of the last few days, likely the patches being pushed due to Spider-Man 2.
All cheats I use such as health and pause timers work ingame but the game itself crashes a few minutes afterward…
Will run it through a verification but am sure all my files are fine.
Will also run it through a optimization but again am 99% positive my game is fine … always has been when playing it before the mods / cheats

Are there any plans to update the mod list to the newest update? Would love to have it back up and running without the constant crashes.

hello @FLiNG i just wondering if you can add unlimited focus???
and i wondering why the game keep crashing after a few minute?
thank you

keep getting crashed after 1 min into game
already deleted and created new save for over 5 times
seems like it need update @FLiNG
and can you please add feature unlimited focus??