Mass Effect 2 Free

For a limited time only, Mass effect 2 is completely free on origin!


Once you have it added to your account, you can also right click on it in your game library to bring up menu, select “show game details”, then click the extra content tab and you can claim many of the DLC item/weapon packs for free as well.

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You mean to say, all the ME2 DLC missions are also free as well, or just the base game ?

I had ME2 from before on Origin but when i heard there was DLC i checked it out.

But i feel its strange. “Extra content” down on the page, its a showreel of the content for the game is BioWare points.
Nothing other than that for me at least.

I just got it and looked and it shows these for free:
-Recon Hood
-Sentry Interface
-Umbra Visor
-Blood Dragon Armor
-Terminus Weapon and Armor

Thanks STN!


This unfair planet “Ekstrainnhold” means “Extra content” :frowning:

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That sucks. This is what I see:

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These are both free as well:

Go Here:


The DLC missions would have been great, but no, it’s just the weapon / armor packs. Thanks @SteveWonda for listing them.

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The Deluxe Edition is free as well:


Needs Origin Access


[quote=“frank, post:10, topic:24298, full:true”]
The Deluxe Edition is free as well:[/quote]
It tells me it’s $29.99, hmm.

@MrPrecise I think I know why you’re not seeing the free packs. Go to your game library, right click on ME2 and go to Show Game Details and then go to Extra Content.

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Ah didn’t realize that :sweat_smile:

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That feeling when @frank lies to you

@SteveWonda Hmmm ill check that