Mass Effect 3 Facebook Game Glitch

Well i believe this is a glitch but i don’t know for sure.

Here are the steps and this glitch should give you a code no matter if you decode it or fail


  1. Start the game
  2. Click your pattern or whatever
  3. When it starts to decode it go down and select Launch decoder
  4. It should tell you that if failed and to try again in 120 minutes
  5. Go to View your codes and there should be one.

If it doesn’t work then sorry cause it did for me, but it should work and possibly be able to get more and more every time.

Hope this helps :smile:

Link to the game:

How do you get to the game?

there you go

I think this is it.
Xbox - Mass Effect 3 Mission Command | Facebook

Edit: Ninja’d

Lemme know if this works cause it worked for me and one other person and just want to be sure if it works for everyone

I got a code, is that the glitch?

Edit: I decoded it so don’t know if it worked or not lol

didnt work for me :anguished:

when it was starting to decode did you go to the bottom left and hit the launch decoder button? then it should fail saying wait 120 minutes and if you check in the view my codes part there should be one

Did you follow it exactly or did you already fail before?

It said access granted then I did so I guess I already won the code and made the glitch pointless? Either way I got the code.

Then you got it and won lol, i failed but ended up getting the code and same for someone else that did the same thing on accident like me on 360haven. But in order to check and see if i get another code i have to wait tell the 120 minutes are up /:

This doesn’t work.